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Buying A Home – The Value of a Great Home Inspector

Are you buying a home?  Are you a first time home buyer or are you a homeowner who needs more space or is trading down?  No matter why you are buying a home, make sure you do it right with the best professionals.  Here’s a story about buying a Leonia home that’s a lesson for everyone.

Leonia homes are always in strong demand.  Why?  Leonia has a simply fabulous commute to NYC via express bus service from NJ Transit and Coach USA whose commuter buses typically take it’s residents to Manhattan in less than 50 minutes.  Leonia also has a strong school district and great community spirit.   Leonia homes are mostly older, gracious colonials for which it is renown.

Recently I sold a Leonia home to a young couple buying their first house.  Marketed as well kept and updated with a beautiful young kitchen and shining hardwood floors, it really is a very pretty home plus the location was perfect – a quiet street only one block from the NJ Transit #166 bus for a perfect commute.  Everything looked great until the home inspection.

I have been a full time professional residential agent for over 20 years so you can imagine that I’ve sold hundreds of homes but no real estate agent is a home inspector.  When the home inspector got to the attic, he found that the roof substructure had separated a bit.  Doesn’t sound like much does it?  Guess what – it’s huge.  I contacted a local contractor who advised we needed an architect.  When they came a few days later, the home inspector’s findings were confirmed; fixing it will cost $6,500.

Getting a good home inspection is the best money any buyer can spend.  My buyers were also fully protected by their superb attorney who got them the extra weeks I needed to get the right contractor to look at the house.  Using excellent professionals – home inspector, contractor and attorney – gave my buyers the protection and information they needed to avoid making a home buying mistake.

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