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TenaflyTrees and nature have always been important in Tenafly NJ.  When I bought my Tenafly home I was amazed to learn how important trees are to the town.  Even the Tenafly Planning Board is focused on this.

A good example is Walnut Manor.  This is a development of homes built in the late 1950’s and very early 1960’s.  It’s across from the Stillman Elementary School off of Tenafly Road.  The Planning Board insisted that the builder plant fast growing maple trees at the building line.  He could not get his project approved without doing so.

The Planning Board specified fast growing maple trees because in only 7 years the area would have tall trees throughout.  As a result, Walnut Manor is has a beautiful ambiance with gorgeous trees lining it’s streets.


Tenafly has over 400 acres of municipal parks and open space.  Preserving natural woodland has always been highly important here.  Because it is, in 1972 a 4 year campaign was begun to save 194 East Hill acres from development.  Along with grant money were hundreds of donations from individual Tenafly residents.

Today that 194 acre purchase is part of the total 330 acre Lost Brook Preserve that so many Tenafly residents enjoy.  It borders the 52 acre Tenafly Nature Center for a spectacular nature preserve.

Following Tenafly’s tradition of preserving woodland and trees, the Tenafly Public Works Department is hosting a free tree planting this spring.  Every Tenafly homeowner can call 201-568-4134 to be put on the list of homes to be considered.  The DPW will check each home to see if there is enough room in the Borough right of way to plant a tree. If there is, the Public Works Department will come back in the spring and plant a tree there for free.

When you buy a Tenafly home, you’re buying more than Tenafly real estate.  You’re buying the Tenafly lifestyle and a big part of that is respect for trees and nature.

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