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ice damsTake Advantage of the Coming Thaw

Have a home in Bergen County?  Let’s talk about how to avoid ice dams.

Take advantage of the coming thaw next week and get your gutters cleaned if you haven’t already.  Weather projections are for milder temperatures to arrive soon and stay for several days.

While we’re enjoying this warm up, the deep freeze is going to be with us again.  This is because weather patterns will change again soon.  After all, it’s still winter so snow and ice are undoubtedly on their way back.

Most of us don’t realize how much damage clogged gutters can do to a house.  Let’s face it – gutters aren’t the most glamorous part of anyone’s home but they’re sure one of the most important.

Damage From Ice Dams Is Serious

Gutters keep water away from your home which is critical to maintaining the structure.  When they become clogged with leaves and grit, ice dams result from freezing temperatures.  This can do tremendous damage to your roof, exterior walls and foundation.  They can even create interior leaks to your walls and ceilings.  We had a severe winter a few years ago.  Many homes experienced ice dams as a result.  Local news had several reports on how ice dams from clogged gutters created dining room ceiling leaks.

How to Avoid Ice Dams

Having a gutter guard system doesn’t eliminate the need for cleaning.  Don’t believe those TV commercials at 3 in the morning.  While these systems keep out leaves, grit can still build up.  Downspouts need to be cleaned too because they can clog up too.  frozen gutter

Getting your gutters cleaned is one of the least expensive major maintenance items.  You can actually do this yourself if you know how.  I’m not that adventurous so I always hired someone to do it.  Falling off a ladder 10 feet or more up wasn’t something I wanted to chance.  If you’re in Bergen County and need a recommendation, just let me know.

Take advantage of the coming thaw to avoid gutter ice dams.  Get your gutters cleaned and avoid thousands in repair bills.  Don’t forget your downspouts too!

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