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We’re now past one December holiday (Hannukah) and about to land on Christmas.  Soon parents of young children have that 10 day period of vacation time looming in front of them.  The question is always “What do we do with the kids?”

This reminds me of the Staples TV ad from years ago.  It showed a gleeful parent throwing school supplies into the cart with a very glum child.  The parent was shouting “They’re going back!”  For many parents what do we do with the kids is a real problem.

Weather is often a challenge too.  Outside it’s cold and damp.  I don’t know about you but I am not enthusiastic about being outside now.  You meed a great indoor activity.  Why not take them to a local museum?

For children from 1 to 8 there’s the New Jersey Museum for Children right in Paramus.  They’re closed on Mondays but open the rest of the week.  Because we have 2 holiday weekends this month I’d check their schedule.  This is a great place for the kids and they even do birthday parties.  Their exhibits are so much fun for children as they learn and use their imagination.  I like this museum a lot because its focused solely on our youngest children.  It’s not easy to find a facility for the little ones exclusively.

For children of all ages (and adults too) there’s Liberty Science Center  in Jersey City.  It’s an easy ride down the Turnpike to Exit 14.  It takes no more than 1 hour to get to from anywhere in Bergen County. It’s really a snap to get to and there’s a big bonus.  You have a stunning view of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline from the parking lot.  They have a special exhibit that runs till January 9th on the ice age and woolly mammoths.  This current exhibit has received rave reviews.

Another good idea is your local nature center.  Many have special events for the holiday vacation week as do many local libraries all aimed at children.  And, of course, across the Hudson River is New York City.  You may not think of NYC as a local museum destination but it’s no further than Jersey City.

The Museum of Natural History is a favorite with children of all ages and adults like it too.  Because it’s located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, it’s easy to get to.  I took my son there many times when he was little.  I made a point of getting there early so there was room in the parking lot.  You enter on 81st Street between Columbus and Central Park West.  The lot is more convenient and less expensive than commercial lots.

Take the kids to a local museum while they’re off from school.  They’ll have fun learning and you’ll enjoy it too.  If you need more ideas, just contact me through my website. or you can call me at 201-741-8490.



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