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Are you shopping for a new home?  Whether it’s in River Vale, Tenafly, Dumont or Englewood the tax information that your agent can get you is invaluable; possibly the most important item is the Tax Assessor Map.

You might ask now What on earth is that?  Each town is divided into blocks on each block are lots.  The property the house is on has an address of it’s own by block and lot.  For example, if your home is on 20 Maple Street, it has a specific block and lot number.  Let’s say you’re on the north side of Maple Street and that’s Block 1403 and on Block 1403 there are 12 lots and 20 Maple is lot 9.  The property identification is by Block and Lot would be Block 1403, Lot 9.

The New Jersey MLS has tax maps for all towns in Bergen County and also many other counties as well.  Tax maps display property dimensions of the lot and can also reveal some other very important items such as easements, streams or irregular lot lines that may not be disclosed in the listing.  Before you make any offer at all, your agent needs to check the NJMLS Tax Assessor Map to see what, if anything, is there.  Below is an example of a Right of Way.  It’s actually on Lot 9 and you can also see that the property lines on Lot 9 are very irregular too.

It’s entirely up to you whether or not an easement, irregular property line, right of ways, etc. is acceptable but what’s not acceptable is not having the information at hand.  The NJMLS helps by having the Tax Assessor Map available – when shopping for a home, make good use of it.

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