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oil tank  New Jersey’s Economic Development Authority (EDA) has a program that pays for the removal and replacement of underground oil tanks for qualifying homeowners.  Through it’s Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Program (PUST Program), if you occupy the house as your primary residence, earn under $250,000 annually and have assets of less than $500,000 (your home & retirement accounts don’t count)  New Jersey will grant you enough money to remove and even replace your oil tank.

The application process requires documentation to prove your eligibility and a $250 application fee but that’s it for a homeowner who qualifies.  The PUST Program pays for the rest.  So for only $250 a qualified homeowner can have their underground oil tank removed and replaced.

Steve Rich of Steve Rich & Associates came to my office today to explain the PUST Program as he is a New Jersey certified contractor for this program.  As an approved contractor, he does a lot of oil tank removals under this NJ EDA grant program.  In fact, his staff will help you prepare and process your grant application.

Because times are tough, Steve is willing to wait until you receive the grant money to be paid.  This is a win win for everyone.  Steve gets your business and you eliminate a potential problem.

Right now the grant money is still available.  Once it runs out (and there’s no way to tell when that will happen), it’s gone.   So while  it’s available, if this program applies to you, why not take advantage of it?  If your oil tank is leaking, there’s funding now for that too.  The best bet is to call Steve Rich at 973.458.1188 for all your questions or any other certified contractor you choose.

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