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go green

The Bergen County Utilities Authority is hosting a special event this coming Saturday at its headquarters in Paramus NJ.  It’s a one day demonstration and sale of a compost bin machine.

They are featuring the home composting Earth Machine.  You will learn how to create a rich compost for your lawn and gardens using the Earth Machine.

Rich compost soil reduces the need for chemical fertilizers because it is very effective.  It helps tremendously to green up your property.  Reducing chemical fertilizers is so very important.  Here is an example:

Think of the monarch butterfly.  There were everywhere when I was growing up.  You see them rarely today if at all.  Monarchs disappeared due to chemical fertilizers.  We have lost so much in so many ways because of chemical fertilizers.  As a result, the Go Green movement is really important.

Many people who buy a home today want to be as green as possible and creating a compost does exactly that.  Growing flowers and a green lawn is part of owning a house; there’s nothing better  than a beautiful yard with blooming flowers on a sunny summer day.  Making it that way using a compost bin is an easy and fun family project.

The Earth Machine normally sells for over $100 and is often out of stock.  The BCUA will be selling it on Saturday foMonarch butterflyr $53 which is a great deal.  The sale and demonstration will be from 9 to 2 at the Bergen County Community Services Building located at 327 East Ridgewood Ave in Paramus NJ.  All you need is a check or a money order; no cash will be accepted.

Come even if you don’t want to buy the Earth Machine.  Bring your family and/or friends too.  You have fun and learn a lot.  You also help bring back the monarch butterfly when you go green and that is truly wonderful.

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