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Ruth TschudinRiver Vale NJ has a true hero in Rutch Tschudin.  This very energetic and charming woman has been a champion of abused and neglected dogs for decades.  Together with her husband Hugo, Ruth has been an amazing force in the world of animal rescue.  With the sponsorship of Open Doors, Ruth began a celebration of “dogs and the people who love them”.  She created a festival for dogs called Dog Fest.  It took only a very few years for Dog Fest to become a most special and highly popular event.

Ruth founded Open Doors, An Amazing Grace Foundation as a tribute to her mother and father.  Open Doors describes it’s mission as “dedicated to encouraging, empowering, and giving practical assistance to those going through difficult times,”.  This is Ruth and Hugo’s passion second only to their new grandchild.

River Vale residents for many years, Ruth and Hugo are well known in the community and well loved.  River Vale is a small and intimate community.  It is people like the Tschudins who prove the axiom that one person can indeed make a difference.

Because of Ruth’s passion, Dog Fest 2010 was more than a triumph.  Ut was an amazing success.  Held at Beechwood Park in Hillsdale NJ this year, people came by the thousands.  They brought their dogs and their children.  While a family event, tons of singles came too.  Everyone spent Sunday afternoon enjoying the day and their dogs.  Even people who didn’t have a pet came just to see all the dogs.

Dog Fest 2010 had everything you could imagine for pets of the canine variety.  As a result, you would find vendors galore, a dog parade, Champ the Miracle Dog and New Jersey’s own Dog Whisperer.  Rescue dogs needing to be adopted were there in force too.  Because of Dog Fest, I was told, every rescue dog was adopted on Sunday.

Ruth Tschudin is a River Vale treasure.  You can help Open Doors by clicking here and making a donation.   Maybe I’ll see you next year at Dog Fest 2011!

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