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african art

SMA African Art Museum

Tenafly and African Art

It is pretty well acknowledged that Bergen County has an extremely diverse and eclectic population.  This is because we are made up of many different cultures, races and religions.

Here in Tenafly, we are home to the SMA African Art Museum,  I bet you didn’t expect a museum about African art in a suburban town.  It is here however.  The SMA African Art Museum is a fabulous place to have some fun and celebrate Africa.

Owned and operated by the Society of African Missions SMA Fathers, the museum is located on Bliss Street in Tenafly. It houses collections of masks, prints, sculpture, and fabrics.  These collections reflect a multitude of African cultures. This museum is one of a very few in the United States devoted exclusively to African art.

Museum Events

We are very fortunate to have this resource, a wonderful African art museum, right here in Tenafly. Upcoming events include a Festival on September 11th.

The Festival will celebrate East African culture.  Everyone who comes will really enjoy it.  Bring the entire family.  It’s a great opportunity to have fun while you learn about a culture.

Other museum events include a concert featuring African musical instruments.  There are other concerts as well.  Because this is a small museum your experience here is very intimate.  In spite of the concerts held here, the art remains the heart of this museum.

Tenafly is both a nice place to live and a cultural center.  This is because of it’s many cultural programs and events as well as it’s special venues.  Located in town are the Thurnauer School of Music, a theater company and art exhibits at the library.

I’ll keep you up to date on the wonderful things happening in town.  Come to the Festival and explore the other cultural offerings here.  It will enrich your life beyond measure.

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