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Make That Red Brick Fireplace Beautiful

Does this look familiar?  red brick fireplace

If it does, then you”re like many people who’ve bought an older, charming colonial home in Bergen County.  Along with the home you got a red brick fireplace in the living room that you figured you’d fix in the future.  This is often seen in towns with large inventories of charming colonial homes like Tenafly or Teaneck or Ridgewood.  An article I read in Lowes “Creative Ideas” magazine recently showed how you can transform that old red brick quickly and affordably.

Lowes has a special program for real estate agents.  I’ve found it to be a great help for my clients and it’s taught me a lot.  Recered brick fireplacently there was an article in “Creative Ideas” that solved this problem.  This was done by resurfacing the existing red brick with a combination of tile and slate.   This created an amazing, beautiful effect immediately.  As a result, the entire room’s ambiance changed from dated to fresh and modern.

This fireplace was an old, stained, red brick unit and then the Lowes team went to work  with a combination of tile and slate.  You can, of course, use other tile and stone materials but the change is certainly remarkable.  No structural renovations were needed to make this fireplace a modern showpiece.

If you’d like to get “Creative Ideas” you can go to http://www.Lowes.scom   Or you can get in touch with me for the full real estate agent benefits program.  Lowes has many simple and affordable solutions to design problems for homeowners.  You’ll also find a lot of good tips from commercial painters for a wide range of things from gardening to indoor insulation.

The bottom line is that you can refinish that old red brick fireplace into a modern showplace.  It will be a lot easier and more affordable than you’d expect too.  So go to Lowes and make that red brick fireplace beautiful.

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