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If you’re a typical home buyer you’ll be on the web looking at all the real estate websites gathering information on homes for sale.  It’s really very easy to get plenty of information on the real estate market through the internet but its not very easy to get information on the communites where the homes are located or to get a feeling for a town.  If you’re thinking of buying a Westwood home  New Jersey Monthly Magazine will help you.

New Jersey Monthly Magazine  has a simply great article on taking a day trip to Westwood that highlights the business district and all it has to offer.  Westwood has one of the best local business districts in Bergen County which has a very positive impact on the value of Westwood homes.  Many of the local stores, restaurants and boutiques have been in Westwood for decades and have gone through several generations of owners.  Westwood homes are always in high demand and the many features this town has to offer is a big reason why.  You can find more information on Westwood at the Borough Website at

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