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House LogicHouse Logic was a new website when I wrote a blog article on it in 2010.  Since then it has become an extremely popular resource for home owners and both buyers and sellers.  As a result, it’s an very popular website and what it offers has grown with consumer demands.

It covers everything you can imagine.  Topics include a repair or renovation to tax credits to protecting yourself from a scam artist.  Created by the National Association of Realtors, it’s in beta testing on the web right now.  I have taken a good look at it and, frankly, I’m very impressed.  Because it’s so comprehensive and user friendly I think the NAR did an excellent job with House Logic.

Go to and take a look yourself.  Buying a house in Bergen County is the start of a long term relationship with your home and your community.  House Logic helps you “protect, maintain and enhance the value of your home” in so many ways.  I found tips on how to do economical repairs that pay big dividends to how to get tax credits for energy efficient improvements.

The site is very detailed about all sorts of things.  For example, House Logic has an entire section on improving your insurance score.  Most people don’t realize how devastating a bad credit score can be.  When I tell my clients that a poor credit rating even affects your insurance premiums they are usually surprised.  Here you will learn how a credit rating affects your homeowner insurance premium.  It’s a fabulous website for consumers.

Because the site is focused on helping people to learn about and maintain a home, it is not focused on home buyers and home sellers exclusively.  As a result, if you aren’t a homeowner or thinking of buying a home, this site is for you too.  There is so much excellent information about home ownership that you’ll get a great education.

There are sections for home buyers and home sellers of course.  My point is that this payday loans uk was designed to help everyone.  Take the section on finance for example.  Scroll down the page and you’ll find topics completely unrelated to buying or selling real estate.  This is because it was designed to be very comprehensive.

Take a spin through House Logic.  I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.


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