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PSEGBergen County has a primary and a secondary utility company for electric and gas service.  Public Service Electric and Gas is our primary.  I love this company.  I have lived in Bergen County for most of my life and they have never disappointed me.  Orange and Rockland provides just electrical service to northern Bergen County.

One of the special advantages of living in Bergen County, at least from my point of view, is Public Service Electric and Gas.  Go to their website at where you’ll find excellent information and their terrific Worry Free Contract system.

PSE&G has very reasonably priced maintenance contracts on your gas and electric heating, air conditioning and appliancPSEGes.  I have always recommend this to my clients for at least their gas furnace.

This is one of the best values you can find in Bergen County.  You can sign up for this in advance.  As a result, it starts the day you buy you home.  Worry Free Contracts is especially great for your gas furnace.  This furnace maintenance program costs $5.90 per month for parts and labor.  It includes a furnace check and cleaning every year.

Go to their Residential Worry Free Contract Enrollment and scroll down the page toward the bottom.  This is where you find the a la carte menu if you don’t need the bundled options at the top of the page.  The cost is billed monthly on your utility bill which makes this affordable service even easier to handle.

It just makes sense, especially now that the heating season is almost here, to get yourself protected.  I always recommend to my clients who have gas furnaces in their home that they at least get this coverage.  It’s simply the best deal around at an annual cost of $70.80 for parts and labor with no deductibles.

When you buy a home the last thing you need is an unexpected bill for a furnace repair.  $5.90 per month gives you peace of mind.  Trust me – it can happen any time.  Years ago I had a 3 year old furnace that stopped working because the circulator pump broke.  PSEG came in a few hours and replaced it.  No problems after that and it was well worth the $5.90 bill that month!

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