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Beware of short sale fraud.  This is a growing problem in the short sale market.

There is a new thief who preys upon homeowners who must put their home on the market as a short sale. Simply put, a short sale occurs when a homeowner can no longer pay his mortgage, has no other assets and the loan amount is greater than the home is worth. As a result there is a shortage between what’s owed on the home and it’s market value. The only way a homeowner can sell his home is by getting the bank to accept this shortage, thus the term “short sale.”

These new thieves market themselves as having all the solutions to your problems because they have a “special” ability to negotiate a short sale with the bank. Nothing could be farther from the truth. What really happens is that a desperate homeowner is taken advantage of by these horrible people because the truth is that they are completely unnecessary.

Realtors do short sales all the time. If you must put your home on the market as a short sale, your listing agent can do the work and negotiate with the bank on your behalf. You can also ask your attorney to do this for you and many people do. What you don’t need is to encumber yourself with an unnecessary expense by hiring one of these charlatans. They are today’s version of the proverbial “snake oil salesman.”

I have worked on short sale transactions successfully. It is a tremendous amount of work and takes a long while. Everyone involved needs a lot of patience but eventually things do work out. Buying a home that is a short sale means a long wait for the buyer. Sometimes a buyer will cancel his contract out of frustration – it takes months and months to see if the mortgage bank will accept the buyer’s offer. But, hiring one of these thieves will not help you – it only wastes your money on these frauds. Every bank has it’s own unique process and no one can make a bank move any faster.

Don’t allow a predator to hurt you – if you have any questions, email me and if I don’t know the answer, I’ll find someone who does.

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