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Here are some quick Bergen County facts to introduce you to us:

902,561 people – 234 Square Miles – Avg Family w/Children Income is $113,680 – 3,854 People Per Sq Mile

58.7% of us are married & 32.6% of us have children (no wonder we have so many parks & playgrounds)

90.1% of us have high school degrees and 42.9% of us have college degrees

Jobs – 24.1 % Professional, 20% Service, 19% Management, 16.6% Administrative Support & 6.6% & Laborer

Parks – 15 County Parks totalling 7,968 Acres, 3 State Parks, Hundreds of Municipal Parks, 5 County Golf Courses, 5 Dog Runs, 3 Camp Sites, 1 Downhill Skiing, 1 Swimming Lake, 2 Horseback Riding Facilities

A picture begins to emerge of what Bergen County is like when you look at all of these facts, :

This is one of the most affluent areas in the US (ranked the 18th most affluent US county) and also one of the most densely populated with nearly 1 million people.

We are highly educated and have a diverse and balanced employment profile.

Despite the large numbers of people living here, open space is important and there is a thriving parks system.

Because we are highly educated we value education.  As a result, we appreciate our local schools and parent involvement is high.  Because of this Bergen County is renown for its high scoring public school districts.   We have an outstanding  county run school system with its varied disciplined Academy System.  The County Academies include a wide spectrum from trade oriented schools through the most demanding academically.

Our location is unique because we are on top of Manhattan and yet we have preserved our suburban ambiance and lifestyle.  Bergen County is only 1 mile from Manhattan on the other side of the Hudson River.

When you put all of this together it’s more than impressive.  As a result it is no wonder that Bergen County is an extremely popular destination.  In fact we are one of the most sought after locations in the New York metropolitan area.  Because of all these positives Bergen County real estate has always done better in holding it’s value.

I will update these quick Bergen County facts from time to time.  If you need more information just get in touch with me.

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