Why The Future of Housing is Positive

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The future of housing is positive because of several fundamental reasons.  While the US economy is officially in a recession, this recession is very different. This Recession is Different How do you define a recession?  When you have 2 consecutive quarters of negative economic growth you’re in a recession. This one, however, is different. Begin… Read more »

Bergen County Real Estate – A First Quarter Report

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Bergen County real estate is important.  This is the largest county in New Jersey with 948,000+ people and we are one of the most affluent counties in the US.  What happens here influences everyone in the NYC metropolitan area.  The Bergen County housing market reflects the Tri-State economy and outlook.  So let’s take a look… Read more »

Real Estate is Changing

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Real estate is changing.  It’s been happening for a while but most people haven’t noticed it.  We are in the very early stages of a transition and that’s good. The housing market is cyclical.  There are times when prices go up and times when prices go down.  The long term trajectory is always up but… Read more »

Real Estate Market Update

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Here is a real estate market update report for you now that we’re through July: Fewer sales are happening in 2014 but not because demand is weakening.  Far from it.  Demand is strong but supply is down.  This is reflected in fewer days on the market.  Less supply – increased and/or equal demand = pressure on pricing. … Read more »

Bergen County Homes – Through March 15th

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The real estate market for Bergen County homes continues to improve.  Comparing 2012 to 2013 through March 15th, sales are up 9.6% (707 to 775) and homes under contract are up 16.5% (1,118 to 1,302).  Multiple offers are now commonplace and prices are rising in many towns.  Where prices are not rising, they are staying pretty even for the… Read more »