Fannie Mae Foreclosures Are Homepath Properties

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Looking for a foreclosure?  Don’t know where to find one?  Then check out Fannie Mae foreclosures on is Fannie Mae’s distressed property website where you’ll find all Fannie Mae foreclosures being marketed. The Homepath system offers a tremendous opportunity for a home buyer.  Many Fannie Mae foreclosures offer a Homepath mortgage.   Homepath financing… Read more »

Fannie Mae Changes Mortgage Processing For The Better

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June began a new requirement from Fannie Mae.  Mortgage applicants must now have their credit checked 3 days before closing.  If there are any significant changes, the terms may be adjusted or the mortgage may actually be cancelled.  While this may sound harsh, it also makes sense. When you apply for a mortgage, your credit, debt and assets are checked.  The bank wants… Read more »

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Are Easing Jumbo Mortgage Terms

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Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac buy mortgages which means that they guarantee them. Without the backing of Fannie and Freddie, mortgage lenders have to find other investors to sell their mortgage loans to and those investors charge more so interest rates are higher. Fannie and Freddie backed mortgages are called conforming; the others are called… Read more »