1st Quarter Sales Are Up

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1st quarter sales are up compared to 2015 and by quite a good margin.  According to the New Jersey MLS data, 2016 sales are up an average of 21% over the number of sales we had last year.  In plain numbers we went from 1,740 in 2015 to 2,109 this year.  What’s even more impressive… Read more »

Selling Your Home? Don’t List It Today

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Selling your home?  Don’t List it today. You’ve decided to move.  You’ve waited for spring.  It’s April 1st, spring is here so you put your home on the market for sale.  And nothing happens.  What’s wrong?  Is this an April Fool’s nightmare?  Not really but it is a marketing mistake. Timing is important.  Putting your… Read more »

Quick Market Update

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It’s time for a quick market update now that we’re at the end of the year. A lack of inventory continues to be the headline for the Bergen County housing market.  No matter the town, no matter the price range we still have fewer homes available than the market needs.  As I’ve said before here,… Read more »

Census.gov Gets Better With Dwellr

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  One of the most powerful and useful resources for community information is the US Census Bureau.  The amount of information you’ll find there is, to be frank, at times overwhelming.  Whether you’re buying a home, selling a home or just plain curious, the US Census Bureau has statistics and data that is quite helpful… Read more »

Real Estate Market Update

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Here is a real estate market update report for you now that we’re through July: Fewer sales are happening in 2014 but not because demand is weakening.  Far from it.  Demand is strong but supply is down.  This is reflected in fewer days on the market.  Less supply – increased and/or equal demand = pressure on pricing. … Read more »