Tenant Screening Begins With The Listing

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Why Tenant Screening Is Important Tenant screening is the critical component of a positive rental experience for landlords.  Both experienced and new landlords make mistakes with this every day. The result is a negative experience that can often end up in court.  If you own an investment property you must screen potential tenants carefully.  Consider… Read more »

Home Staging Starts With Front Doors

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Home Staging Starts With Front Doors Home staging starts with front doors.  Homeowners think about the interior when they stage a home for sale.  While interiors are important so are exteriors.  How a home presents at the first view is critical.  This sets the tone of a buyer’s expectations.  Think about it.  Would you be… Read more »

How To Do A Tax Appeal

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How To Do A Tax Appeal It’s tax appeal season.  How to do a tax appeal is what this article is about so let’s begin. Every year from January 1st through March 31st Bergen County property owners can file an appeal of their property tax assessment.  You can only appeal the assessment; you can’t appeal… Read more »