Multi Family Homes For Sale in Bergen County NJ

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Multi family homes for sale in Bergen County NJ are always very popular.  Serious investors, first time home buyers and just folks who want to begin a real estate portfolio all find multi family properties attractive.  While 1-4 family homes are residential over 4 units becomes commercial real estate.  Because I specialize in residential real… Read more »

Kwanzaa Is Coming

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Kwanzaa arrives this week.  Christmas is upon us and that means Kwanzaa is right behind,  It begins the day after Christmas and lasts 1 week.  You might ask “What is Kwanza?”  Here is the answer; What is Kwanzaa Kwanzaa is not a religious holiday.  It is an African American cultural festival which was created in… Read more »

Holiday Menorah Lighting

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Holiday Menorah Lighting Hanukkah is 1 of the 2 major December holidays celebrated in Bergen County.  Christmas is the other followed by Kwanza and New Year’s Eve.  As a result many towns have both giant menorahs and Christmas trees in their town square or other public place.  Holiday menorah lighting usually includes a celebration too… Read more »

Holiday Model Train Shows

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The Holidays Have Begun Thanksgiving is upon us and the holidays have begun.  In only 2 days we’ll be sitting down for a Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends.  Next comes Hanukkah starting at sundown on December 2nd followed by Christmas on December 25th.  Kwanza comes next on December 26th and then, of course, New Year’s… Read more »

What’s A Home Inspection Like?

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What’s A Home Inspection Like? You’ve found your new home and Attorney Review has concluded.  Next comes the home inspections.  While you’re waiting for your scheduled inspection time, you begin to wonder about this.  What’s a home inspection like?  What really happens?  Let’s take a look now. Begin Outside You meet your home inspector at the… Read more »