New Homes Need Inspections Too

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New homes need inspections too. Even though a new construction house has everything brand new in it, there are still times when mistakes are made and things are not finished properly. Buying a new home does not guarantee that everything is perfect.

Homeowner Insurance – Home Buyer Mistakes

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  Homeowner insurance is obviously very important.  Home insurance is also very misunderstood. You’re watching TV and an insurance ad comes on.  A lizard with an Australian accent starts running all over your screen.  An angry lady asks how you can drive half of a car.  A duck starts quacking.  A website tells you that is… Read more »

Horseback Riding in Bergen County

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Bergen County is 1 mile across the river from Manhattan.  I bet you don’t expect horseback riding here.  Not next to New York City of course.  You are in for a happy surprise because Bergen County has great horseback riding. There are excellent County run and private stables all over Bergen County.  No matter where you own a home, riding a… Read more »