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dog parkFor 7 years the topic of an unleashed dog park has been discussed in Teaneck NJ.  If you own a Teaneck home and have a dog, only one park allows dogs:  Windsor Park where your dog must be kept on a leash.  As a result, there are no unleashed dog parks in the Township of Teaneck.

While Bergen County has several county run dog parks, Teaneck truly needs one of it’s own because it’s so populous.  The 2010 Census shows that 39,776 people live in the Township and that means plenty of pets.  If you own a Teaneck home and have a dog, all you see at public parks are No Dogs Allowed signs.  The only exception is Windsor Park  where you must keep your dog on a leash.  This is very frustrating for dog owners.

There is a dog run at Overpeck County Park but it’s far from local.  Overpeck is an enormous County Park and it attracts people from all over the general area.  While it is located in Teaneck, this is far from your own town local dog park. You can’t walk there and the atmosphere is not intimate.  As a result Teaneck residents have a real need for a local dog park.

This week an ordinance to create an unleashed dog park in Phelps Park was passed for approval by the Township Council.  The final vote for approval is on April 9th and it  looks like it’s going to happen.  Already workmen cleared out a space, erected fences and prepared the ground for what appears to be a dog park area. All fences sponsored by

Phelps Park is located off of River Road just south of Route 4 and across from Fairleigh Dickinson University.  If you own a Teaneck home and have a dog that loves to play and run with other dogs,  April 9th is a very important day.

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