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Buying a home in Tenafly, Teaneck, Englewood, Cresskill or elsewhere in Bergen County? Then you should do an oil tank sweep test to check for an abandoned underground oil tank. What, you may ask, is a tank sweep test?

Frankly, I didn’t know about this and was never told to have a tank sweep test done until recently.   However, I now advise all my clients to do a tank sweep.

A tank sweep is considered the best way to locate buried oil tanks. Years ago no one worried about oil tanks; they just closed them up when they switched over to gas heat. Many homeowners have no knowledge about what happened when the house changed to gas heat. This is why a sweep test  should be part of your home inspection.

If you own a home, do a tank sweep too. Not only for peace of mind but it will help build value when you sell your home and if a tank is discovered, dealing with it sooner than later is always best.

ATS Environmental did a sweep test on a listing of mine recently. The technician examined the basement and grounds for signs of oil heat (the house is presently heated by gas) and then swept the grounds with a special metal detector that locates buried oil tanks. The entire test took about 30 minutes and he told us that everything was fine.

Whether you are buying a home or own one, a sweep test is a good idea.



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